First Day of the DigiCup BootCamp

What is DigiCup Bootcamp?

DigiCup is a digital competition that has no restrictions. By restrictions, i mean to say that we are able to think of the box, embracing any new technologies along with our own knowledge. 

About my team?

My team name is "The Dragons" and consists of four members. We had an ice-breaking activity in which we had a team ordered in month and its name was COVID-20😂.

This logo was created by me in photoshop 2020

Why I participated?

I think that it would be the most exciting days of my life where i will be able to assimilate new ideas from the experienced members, teammates, and other groups of people. Moreover, it would be like setting foot in a new environment away from tutorials, assignments which do not resemble the market of work. I think i would be able to further develop my assimilating skills, critical thinking, creativity, and a new perception of learning things that would help me in my career. Furthermore, i was really looking forward to collaborating with an NGO to help them in solving some of their problems using IT.

What I have learned?

Well, for the first day i learned that no idea is a bad idea. Being an ex design and technology student, working on a project on a physically handicapped person i have understood that a designer should be able to bridge the gap between the customers' business demands and the product. For a product to be successful, the waterfall model is a need where that is planning/analysis followed by designing, then implementation, then testing followed by maintenance.

How was the first day? 

Simply saying, i had a blast. After i think two years i have been able to draw, paint using colored pencils, and modeling clay to project our ideas to the other members.By the way, the food offered was great, and the chilli sauce just enhanced the taste😃. Teambuilding was great, i had been able to communicate with other people from other universities. In short, the experience was just too fun.

What skills I gained?

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In the university for all presentations, we communicate in English only but today i had been able to present my views to the other members using the French language. 

I have been able to refine my soft skills due to the teambuilding activities.

I have able to see how to be serious but at the same time make the tasks enjoyable.

I have been able to identify how the knowledge in building my design and tech portfolio can be implemented in the software development process.

Thank you for your time


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